Don't just Graduate, ACCELERATE!

Join Ireland’s Leading IT Associate Consultancy Programme

Who do we look for?

You. We want your passion, your knowledge, your intelligence, your experience. We want your skills! We welcome your integrity, your need to excel and to provide the best service to customers. We desire your innovative ideas, your will to make a difference and your soft spot for technology. We want you because you are an active member of your society and because you care about causes that can change the world, even in the slightest way. We want you because you are you. And we want you to accelerate!

Tips for Applying

We don’t have any secrets. We are here to give them all away so you can win us over and become one of our people! We want you to!

First and foremost, we want you to be honest. You need to tailor your CV for the position you are going for, and we want to hear all about it; your history, your degree, your passion for IT, everything that leads you our way.

Big one – We’re all about excellence so make sure you proofread your CV!

Preparing for the Assessment Centres
Know your stuff, and ours too!

Don’t hesitate to talk to us about your CV and how you can match with us. We also need you to be confident you know everything about us so you can check our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) as well as our website. We want you to know all about us so you will have an informed decision of how you can fit in.

Making a good first impression
A couple of common tricks that make a difference:

  • Be on time -make sure you know where our offices are.
  • Dress appropriately
  • Be honest – ask all the questions you want!
  • Be yourself – your personality counts the most!

Best of luck! 🙂 

Application Process

Give yourself the best chance by understanding our application process


Got a question? Hopefully these should cover off most of them!